Dementia Caregiving News

Respites: A Caregiver’s Soul-Saver

Sometimes the most useful thing you can do as the caregiver for a loved one is to give yourself a break from the daily stress that comes with the role. Whether it’s taking a short-term break from the grind while a family member or friend…
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Essential Exercises for the Loved One with Dementia

It may not be easy to begin an exercise program with your loved one who suffers from dementia, especially if they didn’t exercise before their illness. But by gradually working safe, simple and customizable fitness activities into their daily routine, the benefits will slowly build and accrue.

Planning For Wandering

For people with dementia, wandering can be a major problem, especially if that person wanders outside of the home or away from caregivers in a public place. Whether your loved one wanders inside the home or in the open air, caregivers are advised to do all they can to minimize this potentially dangerous behavior.

Tips For Combatting Caregiver Depression

One of the struggles many caregivers deal with on a daily basis is the battle with depression, which can be caused and/or triggered by a series of factors, including isolation, loneliness, exhaustion and the seasons. Luckily there are multiple actions you can take to help combat caregiver depression.

PRESS RELEASE: Director of Caregiver Support Initiative Set to Speak on Dementia, Support Services

Director of Caregiver Support Initiative to Set to Speak on Dementia, Support Services

Alzheimer’s Disease Caregiver Support Initiative, which provides free support services to those caring for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory disorders in northern New York, will participate in two free information sessions during the month of May, hosted by the Champlain Wine Company as part of their [email protected] series, and by the Keene Valley Public Library. Dr. Richard Durant, who serves as the Initiative’s director, will describe the problem of dementia and provide information about the services available for caregivers and care receivers in the North Country via the Caregiver Support Initiative.